A special 2023 offering! Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie & a Perfect Sprinkle Sugar Cookie with a one of a kind LIV & MALIA bracelet!

Each package will include 2 cookies (1 of each kind) and a limited edition bracelet!

Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie: This recipe was created by Malia Jusczyk herself.  Malia Jusczyk passed away on June 14th 2023.

Perfect Sprinkle Sugar Cookie:  This recipe was inspired by Olivia Knighton and her love of Christmas and the color Teal.  Olivia Knighton passed away July 19th 2023.


Britney (Olivia’s mom) and Megan (Malia’s mom) connected after their daughters passed away when an MJ sticker inspired Britney to reach out.

They discussed their daughters love of Christmas, kindness, friendship bracelets and their love of making holidays magical.


Together, Megan and Britney decided to create this special holiday offering of 2 cookies and a friendship bracelet in the hope that you would buy a package to deliver some holiday joy this year to someone that needs it, in memory of their beautiful daughters! (Proceeds will be split between the Olivia Knighton Foundation & The For Kids’ Sake Foundation)


Local pick-up only. December 15 & 16. No shipping.


NOTE: 10 from each sale is a tax-deductible donation