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This year, in a charitable partnership with the For Kid’s Sake Foundation, NBK welcomes you to join us at the 7th Annual FKSK charity golf tournament. We are pleased to welcome back the Boston Bruins Foundation and the Joe Anduruzzi Foundation to help us battle pediatric cancer. We thank those of you who have continued to support these great charities through sponsorship, participation, and the generous donations.

For Kids Sake Foundation 2023 Golf Tournament

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About For Kids’ Sake and Harbor Hills Country Club

For Kids’ Sake Foundation was established in 2013 to raise awareness for and improve the lives of children with pediatric cancer.

​The Harbor Hills Parent and Child Golf Tournament to support For Kids’ Sake Foundation was established in 2014 by three Lady Lake doctors, Dr. Attanti, Dr. Shaktawat and Dr. Sustarsic. These doctors decided they wanted to engage the community and start and event that would both help advance promising research and support local Florida families struggling to pay insurance bills while their child underwent treatment for pediatric cancer.

To date, “The Doctors Drive to Crush Cancer” at Harbor Hills has raised $40,500 in support of For Kids’ Sake Foundation. The money raised has supported six Florida family grants ($20,500) and helped fund and bring a very promising research trial (A Phase II Preventative Trial of DFMO as a Single Agent in Patients with High Risk Neuroblastoma) to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children with the additional $20,000.

​The emotional inspiration behind the establishment of For Kids’ Sake Foundation was my daughter Malia. Malia was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2011 at age two by the doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Malia did survive the brutal front line treatment and was the fourth child to be put on the DFMO trial that we helped bring to Arnold Palmer Hospital. Children on the DFMO trial continue to beat the odds and we are very encouraged about what this trial could mean for so many children battling cancer today.

​On behalf of every child and family For Kids’ Sake Foundation is able to help, thank you for your support!

​- Megan Jusczyk